About the National Park

national park  Sonfjället National Park was established in 1909 as one of the first national parks in Europe. It is a steep mountain massive surrounded by forest, covering the area of 103 square km.  National Park can be seen from any point of Härjedalen and it  includes 8 mountain peaks – Korpflyet, Högfjället, Lillfjället, Gråsidan, Valmfjället, Medstöten, Björnvålen and Hovden, with the highest point of 1,278 metres above the sea level. National Park was created to protect the wild nature and animals. The territory of Sonfjället is considered to have  the most dense bear population  in Europe. And not only bears you can meet – there is a large number of moose, lynx, wolverine, many species of birds. During the winter season the are plenty of reindeers.

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