Bear safari

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“Bear safari” is organized in Dalsvallen since 1997.

On our bear safari you have the unique opportunity to see the bears in their natural environment. To not disturb or influence the bears we watch them in a  safe distance with telescope and binoculars. There is no feeding either, so what we see is totally undisturbed natural behavior. For the same reason unfortunately we can not guarantee that the bears will be there. Depending on the time of  year and bear presence we visit different areas. We gather in Dalsvallen, from where we take a short drive to get closer to the area we are visiting that day. Then we walk through beautiful nature to the view point. The walk distance varies per view point, in general you should be able to walk a total distance of about 5 km through rough terrain.  Along the way we prepare warm meal and coffee on the open fire.

Best time of year to observe the bears starts in August with the blueberries and lasts until the end of October.

Price: 600 SEK per person, 1200 SEK for only one person

The entire trip will take approximately 7 hours. Start in the afternoon, time varies with the season.

 What to bring:

– good hiking boots or rubber boots

– pair of dry socks

– day backpack

– warm clothes

– rain clothes

– antimosquito oil/spray

– water bottle

– small snack

– if you have your own binoculars (we provide a telescope for the group)

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