Canoeing and beaver watching

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 There is endless beautiful waters around Dalsvallen. Perfect for a daycanoe trip or good to surprise some wild life in the evening. Our “home” river is Råndan, which offers a big diversity from calm to streaming waters.

Our suggestions:

– 15 km from the lake Flon to Dalsvallen. Very diverse water, suitable for everybody with a little bit of adventurous spirit. In the evening there is a very high chance to see beavers.

– Valmen to Linsell. Calmer waters, romantic landscape. Average chance to see beavers in the evening.

Price: 600 SEK per person, 1200 SEK for only one person

During the trip we provide a warm meal with coffee on open fire.

The whole trip takes 4-5 hours.

All equipment is included in the price (canoe, paddles, life-vests and dry-bags).

Please bring a set of dry clothes ( just in case).

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