Hiking and paddling week

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Helags & Rånden, Linsellborren

In this tough outdoor week you will travel through high mountains and spectacular valleys.

Day 1:  Pick up in Sveg. We drive to Dalsvallen where you spend the night in                    the comfort of a cabin.

Day 2:  We drive from Dalsvallen over Flatruet (Sweden’s highest road) to                       Ljungdalen. We will not take the normal route to Helagsfjäll over                          Helagsfjällstation but we will start on the south-east side of the                              mountain. We will hike up through the forest to the high mountain                      tundra. Here at the foot of the mountain we will make camp.

Day 3:  If weather permits it we will have an attempt to climb to the top of                      Helags Fjäll 1796m.!

Day 4:  Hike back down to Ljungdalen and drive back to Dalsvallen.

Day 5:  Resting day in Dalsvallen.

Day 6:  We’ll paddle down the exciting river Råndan. One part of the river                                                                                                                                                                       will require a portage.  In the evening we will make camp on a small                                                                                                                                                                  island in the Linsellborren nature reservation. If there is time, there                                                                                                                                                                will be possibility to try to catch fish to complement your meal.

Day 7:  Paddling down all the way of the Linsellborren nature reservation.Linsellborren                       Here we will be passing a section of the river with some big rapids                         around which we will have to portage. We will end at the Sveg lake                       were we will be picked up and time spend the evening relaxing and                       enjoying the satisfying feeling after a week of adventures.

Day 8:  Cleaning the cabin, packing and trip back to Sveg.

The price of the program is 5000 SEK

Dates for 2017:  upon request

This week is suitable for everybody who is able to swim, has a reasonable physical condition and has a sportive attitude.

You will have to be able to walk 18km (per day) with a heavy backpack.

The rivers where we will be on are at some places a little bit challenging and                                                                                                                                                at the portages you will have to be out of the water at the indicated place.

No whiners please!

We will provide:

– all transportation during the program;

– accommodation: cabin in Dalsvallen, tent on Helags, tarp along the river;

– food packages, which you will have to carry and prepare yourselves;

– where possible we will cook on open fire otherwise on stoves we provide;

– all tours will be under supervision of a guide;

We of course encourage everyone to bring and use as much as possible their own equipment.

You will in any way have to bring:

– hiking boots;

– backpack at least 60L;

– sleeping bag suitable for around 0° (Celsius) temperatures;

– sleeping matras;

– plate/bowl, mug and eating utensils;

– knife;

– rain clothes;

– warm clothes;

– hat & gloves;

– water bottle;

– mosquito repellent;

– sun cream;

– sun glasses;

– lighter/matches;

– toiletries;

– if you want to fish, bring your own fishing equipment;

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