Sonfjället National park – River Veman

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This program will take you camping in the heart of bear country and down the winding river Veman.

Physically and technically a bit less challenging than the Helags- Råndan program but certainly not less adventurous.

Day 1: Pick up in Sveg. Talk through the program

Day 2, Day 3, Day 4: Hike around the Sonfjället national park.

Day 5: Resting day

Day 6: Drive to the upstream part of the river Veman. Start of our paddling trip. Camp along the river.

If there is time and you have the energy you can try some fishing.

(In which case you will have to buy a fishing card)

Day 7: Further down the river passing some exciting rapids.

Finish on the Sveg lake.

Drive back to Dalsvallen

Day 8: Packing and cleaning the cabin.

You need to be reasonably fit and capable of walking 10km per day with a heavy backpack through rough terrain.

You of course have to be able to swim.

We will provide:

– all transportation during the program.

– accommodation: cabin in Dalsvallen, on the track and along the river we will provide tarps to sleep under.

– food packages, which you will have to carry and prepare yourselves.

We will cook on open fire.

All tours will be under supervision of a guide.

We of course encourage everyone to bring and use as much as possible their own equipment.

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